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The refillable Kettlebell


KettlePower is the first fillable plastic Kettlebell made for home use, beginners, rehab and travelers who want to bring the equipment with them, available in three sizes, one for everyones need.


The big one in the family, with a body of 6 liters / 1,58 gallons it gives you a real workout.

Weight information.

Water: 6kg / 13 lbs
Sand: 11kg / 24 lbs


The moderat one in the family, with a body of 4 liters or 1 gallon.

Weight information.

Water: 4kg / 8,5 lbs
Sand: 7,5kg / 16 lbs


The little one in the kettle family, with a body of 2 liters or 0,5 gallon, this is the perfect size for the beginner.

Weight information.

Water: 2kg / 4,5 lbs
Sand: 4kg / 9 lbs